Prepare Your Wyoming NFA Gun Trust

A gun trust or NFA gun trust is a great tool for Wyoming gun collectors or owners. Unlike most firearms, Class 3 Firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA) and suppressors (silencers) have to be registered to an owner with the ATF. Only the registered owner can lawfully possess the NFA firearm.

gun trusts

The registered owner of an NFA firearm cannot loan it to another person, including at the shooting range. However, with a Wyoming NFA gun trust built by one of our gun trust attorneys, you can lawfully allow another person serving as a Co-Trustee of your Wyoming gun trust to possess the NFA firearm.

An added benefit of a Wyoming gun trust is probate avoidance upon your death. A gun trust allows you to pass on your Class 3 firearms, suppressors, and all other firearms owned by your trust to your beneficiaries and loved ones free of court supervised probate.

Contact one of our Wyoming gun trust attorneys at Olsen Legal Group today to prepare your Wyoming NFA gun trust.


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